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"The P&P accounting firm provides a great accounting service. Irina at P&P accounting is very knowledgeable, professional, trust-worthy and the job is done right. She is a very good communicator and an expert in simplifying over-complicating tax matters. The responses are given very honest, simple and advice are straightforward. The answers are always prompt and service is very fast. She provides options of how to proceed with getting tax return done and able to do everything electronically. I am completely satisfied with my experience. I truly have peace of mind having them handle my taxes. I highly recommend P&P accounting services."

Tatyana Romm

"I am very grateful to Irina for professional service she provided. Her hard work saved me a lot of tax dollars."

Vlad Muravin

"P&P accounting is great! Ira was very thorough, knowledgeable and always available to answer questions and give great suggestions. I highly recommend her."

Anna Rosen

"Irina is extremely knowledgeable, super friendly and highly professional. She looks thoroughly at every single case and comes out with the optimal solution, saves you time and money. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a hassle free tax return."

Tanya Stoyanova