Steps to dissolve a corporation Posted on Sep 25, 2020

Here are the steps to dissolve an ON corporation:

  1. Request letter of consent to dissolve from ON division of CRA (CTAO division). Request can be done by email. They will mail the letter of consent to you.
  2. Google Form 10 (articles of dissolution ON). Complete two copies. Attach letter of consent (original) to one form 10 and copy of letter of consent to other form 10.
  3. Mail (along with cover letter with present mailing address) or take both sets of documents and cheque for $25 to ministry of government services on University Ave (exact address on letter of consent). They will stamp, register and date form 10. And return to you. You can also call 1800-361-3223 and ask for other location that can register dissolution of corporation.
  4. Complete T2 (corporate return) from end of last fiscal to date of dissolution. Set aside T2 for a moment.
  5. Complete form RC145 (request to close HST, payroll and tax account). Attach photocopy of registered form 10 to RC145. Send final T2, RC145 and registered photocopy of form 10.