Family caregiver amount Posted on Feb 26, 2015

Do you live with an elderly parent and/or grandparent? Many people are not aware that they are eligible to claim the family caregiver amount on their tax return. It is additional $2,058 tax credit that you can get if you are eligible to claim the eligible dependent amount or the caregiver amount.

People often don’t realize that their elderly relatives qualify for the physical impairment criteria due to their age. Some examples include: impaired balance due to stroke, impaired vision and/or hearing due to age, impaired ability to walk etc.

To be able to claim the family caregiver amount, the dependent with impairment must be a person over the age of 18 and dependent on you because of the impairment of physical and mental functions.

If you are eligible for this credit but you never claimed it before, you can claim it retroactively – up to 9 years back! Don’t miss out on what you deserve.

Ask me how, before you file your taxes.