EI vs. CERB Posted on Apr 02, 2020

Some people may be qualified for both programs. You can't receive benefits from both at the same time. But you can receive from one program and then from another. 


CERB - workers who earned in 2019 or in the last 12 months, at least $5,000 in employment or self employed income AND who earned no income for at least 14 consecutive days.
EI - employees who contributed to EI or self employed who registered for EI and worked 12 months. Accumulated between 600-700 ensurable hours. Eligible if got laid off, sick, quarantined, or taking care of a family member.

When is available:

CERB - March 15 - Oct 3, 2020
EI - Any time if eligible

How much:

CERB - $2,000/month
EI - 55% of usual pay to a maximum of $573 per week.

Length of payouts:

CERB - 16 weeks
EI - 15 weeks

How to apply:

CERB - My account on CRA website. Need to setup an account.
EI - My service Canada account and need ROE from employer. Need to setup an account if never received EI or maternity.

First payment ETA:

CERB - Government promised 10 days after the application if choose a cheque or 3 days if direct deposit.
EI - on Service Canada website, the government is stating that there is a large backlog and hence it may be a longer wait to get approved for EI.