Attendant care Posted on Mar 10, 2020

Attendant care for a disabled relative is a large expense. It is deductible. There are special rules when claiming the disability amount and attendant care as medical expenses. Options should be examined to make the most out of it for your family.
1. For example if you hire a nanny to care for a disabled child, the deduction could be taken as a childcare expense or as a medical expense . Depending on the income of parents, one or the other is more beneficial.
2. When attendant care is provided at home it can be claimed as a medical expense or a disability amount can be claimed but not both . Again, depending on the amount paid , need to decide what works best .
3. Fees paid for an attendant care in a nursing home - disability amount or the fees paid but not both
4. Salaries and wages for attendant care - disability amount and up to $10,000 of the fees.